News Copywriting Package

Submitted by Bruce Abel on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 13:30
Copywriter sitting at desk and typing on laptop

Online Medical is pleased to announce a new service offering. Our News Copywriting Package takes the difficulty out of a task that's problematic for many of our valued clients.
News sections are often added to websites (for good reasons). However, the noble intention tends to be forgotten when the time comes to actually write News Articles. Which busy medical professional has the time to do this? Consider if you are regularly adding quality content to appeal to doctors or patients. Quite often the answer would be none.
Similarly, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) Campaigns - otherwise known as Email Newsletter Campaigns can be painful to deal with and are often not utilised to full potential.  It's not uncommon for large spans of time to pass, making consistent engagement with your readers difficult.
These are missed opportunities. Regular additions of quality, relevant content to your website is a "positive ranking signal" that Google will use to assess your rank/position on Google. In short, Google likes good, fresh content - and it will help your SEO efforts!  It also demonstrates to your patients and your referrers that you are contemporary when it comes to keeping abreast of the developments in your specialty.
Allowing your site visitors to subscribe to an EDM list allows a summary of the news to come to them. This is convenient for the visitor and has the added benefit of driving traffic to your website (EDM excerpts should link to the full News Article on your website). Even better, the EDM signup form offers a selection of "Doctor" or "Patient", so that communications can be specifically crafted and targeted towards these visitors.
Our package includes everything required to ensure two News Articles and two corresponding EDM Campaigns are created each month for a year!