Website Hosting

Custom configured (Drupal optimised) Virtual Private Server for efficient site development and superior serving of web content. Our Website Hosting provides generous storage and bandwidth.

  • We offer free SSL Certificate for encrypted site traffic between our Webserver and the site visitor.
  • We offer 5GB Storage and 10GB Bandwidth per month for website hosting.
  • Excess data is charged at a rate of $1 / GB. It is quite unlikely that you will ever exceed the generous limits we have allocated.

Our Website Hosting is governed by a fair use agreement – read more about Hosting Terms of Service and other related terms.

Please Note: Online Medical no longer offers email hosting, existing email hosting services will be discontinued soon. Instead we now recommend Office 365 Business Basic (strongly preferred) or Google Workspace. We recommend technical support via our technology partner to assist you. Whatever solution you choose, email must match the domain of the website - e.g.: website = and email = [email protected]. We recommend email configured with IMAP / cloud syncing features (no POP) over SSL/TLS, with 2 Factor Authentication configured, for increased security.

Understanding hosting services

There are a wide variety of services for hosting - however it's important to compare like with like, so that any comparisons are informed and fair. Online Medical endeavours to always offer the highest quality and most reliable and secure hosting service to its clients. We have therfore established a state of the art hosting infrastructure – comparing this quality of service to a "budget" offering is not helpful.  It is for this reason that our hosting fees may seem higher when comparing with others.

Please read on for an in-depth explanation of our Website Hosting, and how our offering differs from budget hosting.

Our service utilises what is known as a Virtual Private Server. All client websites use this type of server. In such a server environment, we can be guaranteed of the quality of a number of factors that affect the security, stability and quality of the hosting. It's important to us as a business and also to you as a client that web hosting services can be relied upon.

Budget / Shared Hosting (Strongly Not Recommended)

Budget offerings are typically "shared hosting". In a shared hosting environment, there is essentially no control over the resources allocated to your server. There would be no guarantees that your website would consistently offer a good experience to your patients. Additionally, such server environments involve a number of other downsides. If one or more of the other websites that are "sharing" the server resources happen to have higher than usual demand (for example they become compromised by malware), your website performance (and the performance of other websites on the same server) could suffer.

Perhaps more importantly, the sites on a shared server are not isolated from one another. It's far easier for your site on a shared server to be compromised, for a few reasons:

  • You have no control over the quality of other websites that are hosted on the same server. These websites may not be coded with good security practice, may implement code (e.g.: installable modules) with known security vulnerabilities, and may not implement security patches and updates.
  • If one or more websites that are hosted on the same "shared" server are compromised with Malware, it's quite likely that your site may be directly affected. Your site could share the same fate as the site that was originally affected. This could include a wide variety of nasty effects - e.g.: using your site as a remailer of Spam (can result in your domain being blacklisted).
  • The sites on the server may, or may not be monitored for these issues. It's possible that a compromise may occur without detection and affect your site in an ongoing fashion.
  • The sites on the server may, or may not be effectively backed up. It's possible your entire site could be permanently and irrecoverably modified or effectively destroyed.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend against budget / shared solutions. Imagine the potential impact on your business if things go wrong. It's simply not worth the risk.

VPS Hosting (Strongly Recommended)

Here's some behind the scenes information about what makes our Virtual Private Server (VPS) stand out as a quality option, even when comparing against other VPS solutions:

  • Performance – Very good provisioning of hardware resources to allow good site performance.
  • Optimisation – Drupal Optimised server software stack (LAMP).
  • Server and Site Security – Firewall, with integrated security software. Additional security software to monitor and protect the server, and security software to help protect your website from compromise (eg: malware).
  • Data Protection – Daily Server and Database Backups offering 30 Days of Historical (Offsite) Backup for website.
  • Quality VPS – New industry leading server infrastructure

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