Website Redevelopment

Website Redevelopment applies to websites previously developed by Online Medical and involves utilising the Drupal CMS (the same CMS as your current website).

This version of the CMS is particulalry relevant if your site is outdated / no longer officially supported by Drupal... Depending on the severity of this problem your site require a full Custom Website Design and Development.

The web is the fastest changing medium of any in all of human history. New technologies and techniques as well as new insights into user behaviour and best practice arrive every day. Ensure your online presence is up-to-date with a website redevelopment.

To get the best from your web presence may involve periodic redevelopment of your website. Your website may have been good a few years back, but things move on quickly. If your website is looking a little dated and could do with a visual or content refresh, your patients will notice - they expect you to keep up. 

For example one trend that has been a while in the making is now affecting the web with full force – responsive and adaptive design. It's now an essential part of any website we build and of great importance to your site visitors and how Google ranks your site. If your site does not offer an optimal viewing experience across desktop, tablet and mobile - your patients may go elsewhere. Google has officially taken steps to ensure mobile friendly sites rank better.

If these or other issues are of concern we suggest an assessment of your website to determine if it is time to overhaul your existing website.


Online Medical Website Redevelopment is competitively priced. This service may include works ranging from a series of improvements, through to a complete refresh of your website – depending on your needs and desires. As this is custom designed to your specifications, we do not have a standard price. We are very happy to offer a free estimate – alternatively after a detailed briefing, we can provide a fixed price quote.

Contact us to discuss your project, or request a proposal.