Security and Stability Updates

As part of our due diligence, we highly recommend periodic updates of Drupal CMS core and modules utilised to create your website in order to keep up-to-date with the latest security and stability updates.

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From time to time server level updates (for security, stability or performance reasons), or Drupal core or module updates may be required. If sites are not updated, it's possible that code may become deprecated and therefore stop functioning as intended.

Similarly, from time to time significant security flaws may be identified in the Drupal Content Management System.

This is one of the mechanisms in place to ensure Drupal Content Management System remains a more robust solution from a website security point of view.

Such updates should be viewed as a showcase of the value of Drupal and Open Source projects. If your site were not built using Drupal, it's likely that this issue would have gone undetected and could have resulted in significant financial cost. The recent high profile security breaches of a range of organisations exposed to the Internet are potent examples of what can go wrong.

Security patches available to fix such flaws are typically flagged in a fairly obvious manner when using the Drupal CMS console to edit your website.

Since this may represent a significant danger to the data on your site we highly recommend implementing security patches ASAP to avoid any issues.

While we do backup your website as a matter of course, it's possible that if an intrusion is not detected for a significant period of time, our earliest historical backup copy may not be a "good" copy of the site data. Also if we have to go back far enough we may be missing significant updates to site content that had been added since the site was compromised.

There should typically be minimal downtime associated with such security patches, but you may wish you review the site for possible issues / changes and notify Online Medical of any problems.

We offer a Pre-Paid Maintenance Agreement as a solution for this issue. This service allows for website security and stability patches to be updated on a monthly basis.

Please note: Code changes required to implement fixes that may be required due to the application of a patch are not included and will be quoted separately. While this outcome is not likely, it is possible.

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