Frequently Asked Questions

Because we are experienced specialists in this market vertical - with over 100 stunning custom designed websites created. There are many features and benefits our clients enjoy when creating a site with us. The quality of our website design and code is self evident in our portfolio – and our satisfied clients attest to our efforts in testimonials.

Our dedicated project manager will work with you and your team to create custom tailored content and design. We then create a website that uses the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) - an incredible powerful and flexible development platform. Our sites are responsive (work great on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices), look beautiful, and are functional / user friendly.

Drupal offers the best available combination of code quality, power and ease of use – which does not limit our ability to create amazing solutions for out clients. Drupal is open source software maintained and developed by a community of 1,000,000+ users and developers.

Security is a major focus with a dedicated team concentrating full-time on this area. In our view Drupal is fundamentally more secure than other common CMS such as Wordpress. This is one of the many reasons it is the platform of choice for corporates and governments worldwide.

Drupal is proven to be effective with diverse applications ranging from smaller informational sites for local businesses through to large corporate or government websites with thousands of pages and massive numbers of users.

The CMS allows trained users to easily modify your website adding, editing or deleting pages. More specifically you are empowered to edit page content, including adding text and rich media such as images, video or downloadable documents.

Note: We offer a free 1 hour basic CMS training session, to help you make the most of your new website.

Total time of 6-8 weeks is achievable for an “typical” website, assuming we have full cooperation by all contributors. If the site is relatively simple, it is possible to reduce this further. However, it very much depends on the nature of the website (scope and complexity varies a lot). We can give a more definite time estimation after a quick chat to determine your needs.

Our sites are customised to suit your needs, so our pricing is unique per project. Simply express your interest by submitting our Quote Request form (click the Quote Request button). We will get in touch to determine your requirements – so we can provide a no obligation fixed-price proposal (typically provided the same day).

A dedicated project manager will work with you to keep the project on track. We utilise (free) cloud based tools that allow anyone in your team with an internet connection to contribute. For example: to manage the project details, timelines and approvals – and to share the various site assets. This modern approach has the advantage of allowing remote access 24 / 7, so your team can work outside of business hours (if needed).

We understand you are busy – so our meetings and demonstrations are flexible, because we can participate remotely via Skype (Video, Chat) and TeamViewer (Remote control Screen Sharing). We develop all our websites using these tools and methods in collaboration with satisifed clients all over Australia.

Many of the most important features are not immediately visible, as we have a lot of behind the scenes technology that makes for a great user experience. It is our special approach to design and coding that makes great outcomes possible. For example our focus on site speed optimisation results in fast loading sites, that visitors love. Great user experience also means your pages are more likely to rank well (in search engines such as Google) and thereby reach more visitors, who will hopefully become your happy patients.

There are a range of website content creation services that we offer, which can enhance the quality of your website – from professional copywriting to photography. Additionally, once we have built a great website, you may decide to market it (you are of course operating in a competitive environment). We utilise a range of website marketing approaches to market sites that we have developed, but most often we recommend Search Engine Optimisation as offering the best value. Note that we only recommend an SEO campaign (or any other approach) after appropriate investigation and analysis indicates a likely business case to justify expenditure.

Responsive web design is design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal experience across a wide range of devices including Desktop Computers, Tablets and Smartphones. These devices vary quite widely in key areas such as screen size resolution. Some elements that should be considered in website that implement responsive design techniques include:

  • Text is easy to read.
  • Images and other rich media are clearly visible.
  • Navigation menus, buttons and other interface elements are sufficiently sized and designed to allow for easy, intuitive interaction.
  • Interactions leverage native technologies such as touch (tap, pinch, swipe etc.) wherever possible.

Ensuring these elements work as expected is a time consuming and exacting process. This imposes around 30% extra time, effort and expense to implement. However, it ensures that you are able to serve a significant and increasingly large percentage of your users who are on mobile devices.

Responsive websites are typically a superior solution to alternatives such as custom mobile sites. Primarily because you typically need to manage only one set of content (as opposed to managing content for each instance of a device type you want to support).

Adaptive techniques are often seen as an alternative to responsive design. However that need not be the case. We feel that certain adaptive techniques can be leveraged to work in concert with responsive techniques.

Once again the goal is to provide a superior experience across a range of devices. The main difference is the server hosting the website detects the devices making requests to it, and uses this information to deliver different batches of HTML and CSS code based on the characteristics of the device that have been detected.

We recommend the use of adaptive techniques where it has the most impact, namely serving images that are appropriate to the capabilities of the device. Only serving the data needed results in a faster loading website and a more pleasing user experience.

Our monthly website hosting fees includes a generous amount of storage and bandwidth. This service includes a custom configured virtual private server (VPS) optimised for Drupal CMS website hosting – offering outstanding value.

We also include some amazing behind the scenes configuration (continuous integration workflow) allowing us to test, deploy and review the website with a seperate staging server before golive / publication. It's very important to have this setup, so we can ensure all is well before publishing a new site, or feature. This is best practice and unavailable through standalone 3rd party web hosting.

Our Website Hosting package is governed by a fair use agreement – read more about our Hosting Package Terms and Conditions.

Note: We regard this service as an mandatory ongoing cost.

As part of our due diligence, we highly recommend periodic updates of Drupal CMS core and modules utilised to create your website in order to keep up-to-date with the latest security and stability updates. The intention is to reduce the likelihood and severity of website compromise (which may be either automated or targetted) against your website.

We recognise that even with security and stability updates in place, it is still possible for sites to be compromised (requiring immediate action on our behalf to mitigate etc).

Note: We regard this service as an optional (but highly recommended) ongoing cost. Clients who decide not to subscribe recognise that their websites are at increased risk.