Features and Benefits


We leverage modern technologies and best practice to ensure your online presence is world class. Website standard features include:

Custom website design and development

Our websites are designed to fulfil your specific needs. Every aspect is considered with the needs of the medical industry in mind.

Drupal CMS

Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world. Drupal allows us to develop powerful custom solutions for our clients.

Responsive Design

Our websites are developed from the ground up as responsive website design. This means that you are able to display your website effectively across a range of devices – mobile, tablet and desktop.

Adaptive Design

Our websites are designed to offer an optimal mobile experience. Our sites are able to determine the type of device in use and serve content optimised for that device. Specifically, we offer images with optimal file sizes – resulting in faster loading, more usable websites.

Comprehensive Contact Information

Contact information may include Telephone and Facsimile details, Opening Hours, Street Address, Google Maps, Directions (within building), Parking and Public Transport information.

News / Blog

This facility allows you to easily add timely, relevant content. Adding unique content is essential to avoid penalties that are otherwise imposed by search engines. Write your own content for news articles, or alternatively cite a third party article and quote and comment on your own article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Self service to answer your client’s common questions.

Comprehensive range of forms

Online data collection to minimise data entry, relevant forms include new patient registration, appointment requests, patient referral (for doctors) and general enquiries. This is typically implemented using a “form to email” process that emails the form data as text to a nominated email address.

3rd Party Software Integration

Practice Management Software

Our websites may include integration with industry leading practice management software. Practice management software integration allows for synchronization of appointment data with a range of a PMS.


Online Medical offers integration with Coviu - a world leading TeleHealth software developed in Australia.

Email Marketing

You site can feature integration with email marketing service MailChimp, so your practice can do some serious email marketing.

Google Analytics

We arrange for the creation and setup of your Google Analytics account. You are able to configure this to provide detailed weekly reports on user activity - discover how people use your website.

Website Custom Features

It’s easy to customise your site to add some truly valuable and intelligent features. Online Medical is committed to maintaining and expanding our suite of custom features.


Meet client expectations with quality user experience

Australia is one of the most web-savvy nations in the world. Our uptake of new technologies (particularly mobile) is very high.  Client expectations for a web presence are similarly high. We set high standards for a multitude of factors that influence overall user experience and satisfaction.

Multi Device Ready

Your clients expect a modern website that works well across devices – desktops, tablets and smartphones. Usage statistics confirm that increasingly, that’s where your clients are spending their time online.Risk Management

A well designed website can form part of your Risk Management Strategy. The complaint most often expressed by patients is “my doctor did not explain this (condition / treatment / procedure) to me properly”. While it’s almost certain that the patient is mistaken, there is a mechanism to avoid this issue altogether. Simply ensure you document the provision of a link to relevant content present on your website. We recommend comprehensive patient information be well categorised and easily available on your website. This patient information could include a wide variety of media, including photos, illustrations, online videos, PowerPoint presentations etc.

Education for Patients and Medical Professionals

Educate your patients about the various conditions that you treat, and the treatments and procedures that you offer, including timely news articles on new developments.

Using the news / blog feature, you can build an invaluable educational resource over time, for both your patients and referees. Do not expect your patients to look for this information elsewhere, become an authoritative source by providing unique, relevant and timely content on your website. You can even provide a dedicate section with content designed explicitly for medical professionals.

A reliable source of information 24/7

Reduce the load on your administration staff and improve satisfaction for both patients and medical professionals by implementing a range of useful content.

Easy Site Management

Easily manage your own website, with intuitive control over your website content. You are empowered to quickly and easily edit and update basic content on your own web pages.

React faster to enquiries

Recieve email notifications instantly when you have an enquiry or other user contact via forms on your website.

Integration with Practice Management Software

Your administration staff will appreciate the potential reduction in their workload. Reduce data entry and concentrate your efforts on outstanding customer service.

Cost Effective Marketing

Why pay for expensive telephone directory listing or other traditional marketing when you have a proven more effective alternative. Online marketing is measurable and proven to be more cost effective than traditional media for many industries.


Encourage an equitable and fair provision of services by offering TeleHealth as an option for your patients.

Search Engine Friendly

Our sites are built with best practice standards. It’s one of the special ingredients not visible to the naked eye that makes our websites so special. We utilise SEO friendly URLs, quality page titles and alt text (to name a few). We submit your website to Google and other leading search engines.

Monitor how people use your site

Use your Google Analytics account to monitor how people use your website. You are able to configure this to provide detailed weekly reports on user activity.