One of the most important aspects of a practice website is content – the information that you are making available to your patients about their conditions, and the procedures that they will potentially be undergoing.

For you to be seen as the expert in your field (a status that you have spent years of training to achieve) – the content needs to reflect this.  It needs to be comprehensive, accurate and unique.

From a Google ranking perspective this content needs to be unique.  Google and the other search engines have very sophisticated algorithms that will pick up whether you have simply cut and pasted from another web source and if so they will penalise you heavily.

Ideally the content should to be authored by you. We accept that you have a day job and that this keeps you very busy, so finding the time to write this content can be a real challenge. One cost-effective solution is to utilise Online Medical's Copywriting services.

Copywriting services

Online Medical offers professional copywriting services available at a fixed price per page. Employing the services of a professional will ensure that your text is unique, relevant and complies with proofread editorial level standards of grammar, punctuation etc.

We recommend this service to clients who want to lift the standard of copy they have produced or for clients who are time poor and cannot commit to a lot of time to write their own text content. Related services include interviewing, transcribing and proofreading.

In particular we recommend the use of a copywriter who is experienced with writing for the web. This ensures that web related standards (as detailed below) are adhered to.

The art of copywriting

Copy can take many forms, be it a slogan, tagline, headline, letter, script, white-paper – and with these different situations there come many rules and guidelines a copywriter has to be mindful of.

The 6 key elements of copywriting to be aware of are as follows:

1 – Audience

Who will read the copy? What are their likes, priorities, worries and dreams? What situation will they be in when they read the copy?

2 – Features

What does the product or service do? How does it work? What is new, different or unique about it?

3 – Aim

What do we want to achieve with this copy?

4 – Benefits

How do the features relate to the audience’s needs and desires? How will the product or service help them?

5 – Strategy

How are we going to present the features in order to achieve our aim? Which features/benefits are most important?

6 – Desired customer reaction

What do we want people to do, think or feel when they read the copy?

Writing for the web

Writing for the web offers specific challenges that an experienced professional will be best placed to overcome.

Writing for the web is different to any other style of writing. Web content follows unique writing conventions, and the usability of the content is just as important as the content itself.

To be effective, web content should use:

  • Unique relevant content (to avoid penalties imposed by search engines)
  • Text written with SEO and keywords, or key phrases in mind.
  • A concise and simple writing style.
  • Short sentences with one or two clauses.
  • Plain English rather than complex words.
  • Medically correct terms – particularly when writing about conditions and procedures (include additional plain english / common terms if suitable).
  • Active, rather than passive voice.
  • Uniformity of voice and tone throughout all site pages.

To be easy to find and accessible to the most possible users, web content should:

  • Have clearly-labelled links and subheadings so users can find content categories easily.
  • Chunk content into paragraphs, and focus on one topic per paragraph.
  • Use established styles that relate to structural mark-up for headings and other HTML elements.

Getting the most value from Copywriting services

We have access to professional medical Copywriting talent. We only require a little input from you to specify notes about the subject matter of each page, appropriate reference material and any specific details or facts you want to include. With those guidelines in hand our copywriters can create solid, unique and relevant page content.

Contact us to discuss your requirements, or request a proposal.