Complimentary Training

The following Training is included for free with your website.

We provide up to a maximum of 1 hour of complimentary one-to-one Drupal CMS training. Training must be scheduled within twenty (20) business days of website completion. Training is offered using remote screen sharing technology with voice via Skype or (without voice) via TeamViewer. This session is included free as part of your website cost.

Alternatively, we offer training at your location (depending on your location), or our location by request.

At the end of this session, clients can reasonably expect to have the knowledge to create a page, and edit basic page content.

Drupal Documentation

The Community Documentation is maintained by the Drupal community.

View Official Drupal Community Documentation

Drupal Support

Relevant features include: Search, Forums, IRC online chat, Books, Drupal training.

View Official Drupal Support

3rd Party Training / Online Courseware

You can do a free trial account for 10 days, we recommend this be used to complete Drupal 7 Essential Training.


Drupalise Me

High quality paid online courseware offerings, with a range of membership options.

Vist Drupalise Me