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Project Brief

This project was essentially a rebrand and relaunch of an existing practice. The practice was formally know as AAA Orthodontists. It was clear that this old name was not particularly appealing or memorable, so we were engaged by the client to create a new brand and also a new website.

Project Details

The new brand needed to offer something that was instantly recognisable as Orthodontic in nature. And thus the new practice name "Specialist Orthodontist" was born – simple and memorable. Our designer developed a treatment for the logo that was visually interesting and modern – incorporating the stylised "tooth" symbol and related colourway / gradient.

We took this style and applied it to the website as a whole – the design of the image panels, buttons and other interface elements all incorporated the curves of the logo. While unfortunately we did not have access to custom photgraphy, our careful selection of stock imagery suited the modern, vibrant style.

Content planning for the site was fairly straightforward. The important navigation sections "Orthodontic Problems" and "Treatments" were easily determined. The main aspect that required due attention was selecting appropriate naming for individual orthodontic problems. We also needed to prepare client supplied images for consistent display within image galleries showcasing "before and after" style images.

Project Result

Overall the client was very pleased with the final result. The website demonstrably has character and is the embodiment of the new brand direction for the practice. The website functions effectively across a range of devices / screen sizes and offers all the information a patient requires.