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Project Brief

ClinRad are a group of senior medical imaging professionals – Radiologists and Obstetricians, who aim to provide a rapid, accurate diagnosis on which to base patient treatment. This is a new practice that must compete in a marketplace already dominated by large other diagnostic imaging entities such as Qld X-Ray.

We were commissioned by the client to create a website that matched or exceeded the web presence of these established companies.

Project Details

The project was planned in multiple stages to better suit the intended evolution of the practice over time. Stage one included an unpublished upcoming feature set (already developed and tested, and ready for deployment). It also allowed for easy inclusion of additional content, using the published features. This approach was challenging to plan and implement, but was a very worthwhile achievement.

We created code for intelligent integration of related elements across multiple site pages. For example – cross referencing services and location pages. Each service includes one or more available locations, and visitors can also filter by the service(s) they are interested in (on the locations page). The taxonomy configuration used to provide this feature is extensible and automated.

The website design is modern and offers a refined, minimalist approach. The design necessarily incorporated eye catching aspects (the logo design and associated brand colourway). Therefore a restrained approach was preferred for all other elements, to ensure website visitors were not overwhelmed.

Content planning was quite difficult due to staged rollout, but was managed effectively in collaboration with the client.

Project Result

The client is extremely happy with the end result – because we achieved our goal of creating a world class website, showcasing the unique character of the ClinRad brand. The website works brilliantly across a range of devices – desktop, tablet and mobile.