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Project Brief

Fasting Clinic is an integral part of the clinical practice of Dr Andrew Renaut, Specialist Colorectal and General Surgeon, based in Brisbane.

Dr Renaut has a deep understanding of the function of the human body and immune system. He combines this with academic understanding and also practical application of Intermittent Fasting – and is able to demonstrate how it relates to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

We were engaged to create a new brand and website that communicated this expertise.

Project Details

The logo was intended to be fairly simple and to have obvious visual ques to Intermittent Fasting – the core focus of the clinic. This was achieved by including a clockface element, together with a coloured panel that implies a fasted period. The branding colours and typography were intentionally matched to compliment an existing family of related companies.

The overall intent of the website was to assure the patient they are dealing with a professional with expertise in this area, and then make arranging an appointment easy. Therefore, content and navigation was kept simple and straightforward. We ensured sufficient quantity and quality of content was included to satisfy this intent in a user friendly fashion.

Project Result

The client appreciated the completed website. It met all the set goals – satisfying the intended purpose. The website is responsive and functions well across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.