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Project Brief

Melbourne Pain Group is a full time Pain Management practice that specialises in the treatment and management of chronic pain. The practice features a group of around 15 multi-disciplinary Doctors who are leading specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of pain. Their goals are to improve quality of life and productivity by improving function and to decrease or eliminate pain if possible.

They also handle the Medico-Legal aspect – with services that involve the provision of medical examinations, reports and expert opinions from trained, independent medical professionals.

We were commissioned by the client to create a new brand and website that satisfied the need of patients and addressed both aspects of the practice.

Project Details

The project was initially focussed on the brand development. Confirming the general feel of the brand – professional and friendly / positive was an important choice – as the colour palette and light and airy graphic style was developed from this brief.

The end result was a patient friendly and approachable website. This approach is quite noticeable in the treatment of photography. The styling offers a positive and hopeful presentation – which is important for people who are suffering from pain (particularly those with chronic conditions).

The website design is simple, yet very functional. It offers a comprehensive set of information about the practice, staff and the various conditions and treatments on offer. Patients are able to manage initial contact and enquiry online at a time that suits them.

Content planning was quite substantial due to the amount and nature of the subject matter, luckily the client was motivated and worked closely in collaboration with Online Medical.

Project Result

The client was somewhat relieved to have the project completed, as it was challenging and time-consuming process to satisfy the interests and related content for the large number of specialist in the practice. As we achieved our goal of creating a memorable brand and online presence, the stakeholders were very happy.