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Project Brief

Dr Jamie Friebe is an experienced Obstetrician and Gynaecologist whose practice offers a strong emphasis on delivering a high-quality, efficient and caring experience – where the patient comes first.

Dr Jamie Friebe's practice and online presence were very well-established. This project was Dr Friebe's third website created in collaboration with Online Medical.

Even so, we were able to identify opportunities for improvement and modernisation during our initial review, project planning, and during the course of creating this new website.

Project Details

We undertook a review of all website content and worked diligently to ensure it reflects his modern practice. The content was enhanced to offer more detail and clarity around many topic areas – including patient materials such as Conditions and Procedures.

The design was completely revamped to take advantage of modern device displays, with even more focus on smartphone, plus improved support for ultra-wide and high-resolution screens. The design incorporated the existing logo and brand colours alongside a refreshed photographic portrayal of the practice.

As this project was based on our latest Drupal CMS configuration, the site was enhanced with a number of technical improvements. The end result was performant imagery featuring true "art-direction" to suit each device display, and a fast-loading, user-friendly experience.

Project Result

Dr Friebe was very happy with the project – and was grateful the new project was able to take advantage of the opportunities we identified to improve his website.