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Project Brief

Dr Terence Moopanar is primarily interested and highly skilled in treating a number of conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow. He also has a keen interest in managing complex arthroplasty of the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee.

The client engaged us to create a full featured website – featuring extensive breadth and depth of content.

Project Details

We inherited a logo from an earlier design effort. Unfortunately it wasn't entirely suitable for modern requirements. We worked with the client and the original designer to refine the logo – so that it would suit the harshest of display environments (a webpage).

We took cues from the established logo to ensure the website design incorporated colourways and typography that was complimentary. This led to an interesting type treatment, with headings and featured text using a decorative Serif style (derived from from the "TRM" logo symbol), and the main body of text using a neutral Sans Serif Style. Luckily we had access to custom photography, which helped breath life and an authentic nature into the design.

Content organisation and planning for this website was key. We had to be practical and structure the content in a way that facilitated browsing, so that patients can easily identify information. To further this goal, we incorporated a mega-menu style navigation, which improved the user experience on Desktop devices. Wherever possible we included links across site pages to allow for exploration of related information.

Once we had settled on the content and structure of the website, it became apparent how monumental the requirement for page text alone was. Thankfully the client was wise enough to agree to our proposal for professional copywriting. Our copywriter (who specialises in medical writing) did not let us down – the final text is appropriately informative and consistent in style and tone.

Project Result

The client is understandably impressed by the achievement. We were incredibly happy (and relieved) to publish the final website, as it was quite an undertaking and required patience and persistence from all parties. The end result speaks for itself – a superb website with engaging content and design, that's easily accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile devices.