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Project Brief

Dr David Stewart is a highly experienced surgeon specialising in hand and wrist surgery, peripheral nerve surgery and soft tissue reconstruction. Dr Stewart's practice offers consultation and specialist surgical services for patients referred from Sydney, around NSW and Australia wide.

Project Details

Dr Start is a focussed and energetic surgical specialist, who is dedicated to providing the best possible care for his patients.  We wanted the new brand to convey that sense of enthusiasm and positive energy to his patients.

The fun new logo and wave animation was the most obvious brand touchpoint. This was further reinforced by the use of this illustrative style with colourful iconography. Photography used throughout showcase the genuine caring nature of his team.

The site contents are comprehensive in both breadth and depth, offering a valuable resource to his patients and referring doctors.

Project Result

The client was very pleased with the project result. Although very busy, he dedicated substantial time and effort to create informative material that reflect his particular approach to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.