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Project Brief

Nourishing Minds Psychiatry - is the integrative telehealth practice of Dr Ana Musarevski. She is passionate about helping people who are struggling with mental health conditions such as anxiety, adult ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD and PTSD.

Nourishing Minds Psychiatry was a new practice with no established brand, but an innovative and inspiring business model. The practice features Integrative Psychiatry, which is a holistic approach to healthcare, grounded in science. Furthermore, the practice enables patients from around the country to access via telehealth.

We needed to create an online presence with a deft touch – including a beautiful brand embodied by a gorgeous logo and graphic treatment, alongside a sensitive photographic and content treatment. These materials are complemented by a workflow designed to guide site visitors and assist them to become patients with access via telehealth.

Project Details

We focussed a lot of time and energy on photographic selection and appropriate patient content. We were mindful of providing a positive and encouraging message – extending a welcoming and helping hand to all site visitors. The branding and colourway offer a natural, welcoming and friendly environment perfectly suited to the Integrative Psychiatry approach.

We assisted the client to craft detailed and user-friendly information. These materials offer the site visitor quality content – helping them identify if the practice areas are relevant to them, and to understand the possibilities for treatment. Once a visitor commences the process to become a patient, the website provides step-by-step feedback as part of the overall workflow (which extends beyond the website itself).

Project Result

The client was exceedingly happy with the result and also the project process, guidance, insight, and encouragement offered to ensure successful completion.

This project was created in careful consultation with the client – we used an iterative process to fine-tune the details until it was 100% aligned with the practice needs. As a result of true collaboration, the innovative service of Nourishing Minds Psychiatry was realised – offering a truly patient-centred experience.